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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Test drive review

SONICA engine room

I tried on the top grade "RS Limited".

Only one kind of engine is newly developed turbo engine.

This engine is a new generation engine called the KF type, realizing medium-speed torque improvement and excellent environmental performance by making long stroke.

By adding a turbocharger to this engine mounted on "ESSE" and further developing an engine mount, it realized low noise and low vibration, and by combining it with a newly developed CVT having the world's first structure, Although it is a turbo engine, it realized an astonishing low fuel consumption comparable to the Natural Aspiration engine called MPG highway (FWD) 54.

It is a turbo version of the engine of "ESSE", but in terms of vibration and noise it is better to consider it as a completely different thing, anyway this car is smooth running.

Even though it is an engine with excellent environmental performance, the engine specification is 63hp / 75 lbf - ft (103 Nm) and sufficient, it is an epoch - making kei - car that combines power and fuel efficiency.

SONICA Comment on running

First of all, when you twist the knob of the ignition, the engine spirits well.

The engine sound of idling is very quiet and less vibration, and even if putting the shift into the D range there is no vibration.

Three-cylinder engines tend to have large vibrations and noises, but this car realizes a quiet space that does not have to be conscious of being three cylinders at all.

As the engine warms, vibration and noise will be further reduced. It is quieter and less vibrating than a four-cylinder engine compact car.

However, the shaking of rough road travels to the body.

Since the suspension is lowered due to emphasis on running stability, the stroke of the suspension is short, and the impact exceeding a certain level is transmitted directly to the body.

However, it is not as hard setting as "Copen", it absorbs the initial shock softly, so there is no discomfort on a general road surface.

Moreover, the sense of stability in the curve is preeminent, I do not even roll at all.

No matter how much speed you raise you will not be aware of understeer, it will bend well.

If you put a rank in cornering performance, I think that this car will be positioned next to "Copen", but it is not as quick as "Copen", so it is not hard to control and you can always enjoy comfortable feeling of security .

Regarding acceleration, it may be the best of kei-cars as of 2006.

There is no feeling of low torque or turbo lag. The car starts running at high torque from the start.

And that acceleration continues all the way up to the 7000 turn before the red zone.

This is probably the result of an exquisite balance between the engine that increased the low-speed torque by making the long stroke and the newly developed CVT.

In terms of the power at the time of departure, it is equivalent to Subaru's "R2" equipped with a supercharger + CVT, but "Sonica" is winning in terms of the subsequent good growth and smoothness.

SONICA SONICA It looks cool 2

Besides, although the "R2" of 4 cylinders should be more advantageous in terms of noise and vibration, on the contrary, the 3 cylinder "Sonica" feels smoother.

I think that choosing Daihatsu, which promoted the development of a three-cylinder engine rather than a four-cylinder engine, was the correct answer.

Furthermore, regarding the 7-speed manual mode, shift shock is suppressed, and "Sonica" is very good and comfortable from the balance of comfort and running pleasure.

Until now, the Daihatsu engine was often concerned about the bass during acceleration, but this car seems to be thoroughly studied about noise reduction and tuning as well.

The turbo's supercharged sound and the slight tone of CVT's combined sound and the sense that keeps accelerating everywhere is like feeling on a jet aircraft.

The engine with a smooth and gentle sound is really comfortable even if the rotation speed is increased.

SONICA It looks cool

I am wearing a grip tire, but I do not mind almost any road noise. With regard to noise, the wind noise is only slightly concerned, and quietness is the best of kei-cars at the moment.

If there is no sound of high frequency during acceleration, it is not exaggeration to say that it is as quiet as an ordinary car.

Traveling performance and comfort are the highest level in 2006, and if you do not even care about the stiff feet, this is the next-generation kei-cars.

"Sonica" is a car at a very high level of economic efficiency and practicality while seeking premium feeling and sporty running.

Especially for the production of the premium feeling, it seems that there are parts that have reached the area of ​​luxury vehicles, so that they may have cooperated with "Lexus".

Compared with mini-cars so far, "Sonica" can be said to be a luxury car that exceeds class in all.

Probably, I think that I do not feel that way by just pictures and sentences, but I think that it will surely be true if you touch it and ride it.

As well as those who are interested in this car, people who are interested in "tentatively thinking kei-cars" also try to ride a test drive on this car to discover how comfortable the kei-cars is recommend to.

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