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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Trunk space

SONICA Luggage space

It seems to be a car with almost no faults, but just for the size of the luggage compartment, I need a little patience. That is not only SONICA, it is a drawback unique to kei-cars.

Since the height of the tailgate opening is not too high, it is not suitable for placing large loads and there is not much depth.

However, since the width is broad and it is not limited to light and smallest, it will not be a problem at all if it is a degree of daily shopping.

However, we can not slide or recline rear seats, so there may be times when you feel frustrated that you will not enter for a moment.

SONICA Place winter tires

When the luggage room capacity is insufficient, you can tilt the seat and expand the luggage compartment.

There is almost no step in the cargo room, adopting the 6: 4 split folding style (RS limited only), usability is very good.

Even with a load of four tires, there is room in the space.

SONICA Jack-up tool

Even though this is a low body, storage space is also available under the luggage compartment.

Although tools are stored here, it can be used for various things because there is depth.

In addition, spare tires are equipped under this, and really the recent Daihatsu car has no useless space.

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