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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Around the seat

SONICA Front seat

The front seat adopts a type resembling a loose bench seat.

The size is also large, especially wide so it will surround your body comfortably.

Even on the bench seat, the side support is solid and will support the body firmly during sports driving.

Imagine from the shape of the car I thought that the seating position is lower, but it is surprisingly easy to get in.

The cushion is a little hardened, so it will be hard to get tired even if you ride for a long distance.

Sheet color is black and red, and it is kind that you can freely combine any body color.

It is a pity that there is no bright color setting such as beige.

SONICA Armrest

The center armrest is large, especially wide.

The armrest such as "MOVE" is a feeling that the lid of the storage is a little rough, but this car has no such feeling, it can be used very pleasantly.

SONICA accessory case

Also, because the interior of the armrest is almost entirely storage space, you will not feel dissatisfied with storage if you combine with the instrument panel storage.

It seems that shape and storage are also being well studied very well, it is a very comfortable armrest.

SONICA Rear seat

Because all the kei-cars are foldable rear seats, the thickness is thin and the holding performance is bad.

In addition, SONICA does not have rear seat slides and reclining, so the comfort of the rear seats is not good.

However, although it can not be said that overhead space can afford, it is not cramped and it is salvation that it is not a flat sheet design.

As you can imagine from the appearance, the window is small and it seems quite a sense of blockage, but when you actually sit and see it is not particularly dark, there is also a feeling of opening up surprisingly.

Compared to Tall hatchback type which is the mainstream of 2018, the margin of feet due to the low ceiling and the low seating position becomes conspicuous and may be felt narrower than the numerical value.

SONICA Front seat door

The front door trim adopts 2 tone color of black and gray.

The door trim also has a solid shape, and the use comfort of the door armrest is also quite good by devising to slightly dent the part where the elbow strikes.

The door mirror's adjustment switch has become a stick type that is easy to operate, all switches are equipped with illumination, etc. It is also very good in terms of usability and quality.

The inner door handle is also silver painted, it has become a high-quality image.

And, the buzzer which forgot to remove the key has become an elegant sound. This car is like a luxury car.

Even if it makes a sound of a blinker, even if it makes a sound of a buzzer that forgets to remove a key, there is a premium feeling that would change the concept of kei-cars so far.

The only regret is that the material of the gray portion of the door trim is plastic, and the touch is not good.

If you care about the touch, such as reviewing the material, you can feel a sense of premium for all, visual, auditory and tactile, perhaps it will be perfect.

SONICA Rear seat door

The rear door trim is very good, such as the operability of the power window switch and the comfortable use of the door arm rest.

Also, since the power window switch has lighting, you can avoid searching the switch even at night, and you can also experience a slight premium feeling in the rear seat.

Indeed it is equipped with a door pocket with a built-in drink holder while setting up a door speaker space of 6 in (16 cm).

Of course, the seat does not get in the way, so do not worry because it is a door pocket that you can use properly.

The ceiling is also equipped with a rotating storage type assist grip, and if there is a rear seat that was well made and this door trim, there should not be any inconvenience for a long drive with four people.

By the way, if you select a red color sheet, the door armrest will also become red color, it will be slight accent.

SONICA Interior lighting

Map lamps indispensable for night driving are also equipped as standard on all models.

The shape is the same as "MOVE" and so on, it is built in the roof properly, it is a type that lights when pushing the lens, so you can not see the switch, it is very neat.

In addition, there is a luxury feeling that the room lamp is also together.

The ceiling of the rear seat is also equipped with a room lamp and it is installed in an exquisite position to illuminate both the luggage compartment and the rear seats so that it can be used not only as a luggage compartment lighting but also as a hand lighting at the rear seats I will.

And, furthermore, "RS limited" is equipped with a vanity mirror with lights on both sides, so if the lighting is full enough for this, night usability seems to be very good.

Next is a cargo room and a test drive report.

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