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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Dashboard storage

SONICA Driver's seat view

"RS Limited" is equipped with the MOMO leather steering wheel, but surprisingly it has a switch that allows you to operate air conditioners and audio, and it is equipped as the first standard with kei-cars.

The remote control switch which can be operated without releasing the hand from the steering wheel is effective not only in terms of premium feeling and convenience but also in terms of safety.

These switches are also equipped with night illumination, and the cockpit surrounded by illumination such as power window switch and self-luminous meter excites the atmosphere of the night drive.

The steering wheel grip is also thick, there is a premium feeling even by gripping the steering.

Power steering is electric type a little lighter, but the straight running performance is good with a solid feel during running.

In addition, although it is urethane steering in the grade lower than "RS", since it is a 3-spoke type with plating ornament, you can also experience the sporty atmosphere here.

Storage space

The storage space on the passenger side is very satisfying.

Both upper box and glove box are large capacity.

And, the cup holder with lighting at night gets out slowly before pushing, it is high in texture, and it is also usable, such as being able to keep air conditioning and keep warm by applying wind of the air conditioner.

The air outlet of the air conditioner can be closed perfectly.

This is an important point, as the kei-cars are independent right and left independent air conditioners that can adjust the temperature are not adopted so it is difficult to adjust when there is a difference in sensible temperature between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat.

However, if you can close it exactly like this car, you can set a temperature difference to the left and right to some extent, which will increase comfort.

The point of dealing with long drives is also well thought-up.

SONICA Close the holder

The driver side also has a cup holder, this is also a convenient location.

Daihatsu devises the position and storage method of the cup holder for each car type, this cup holder is also a new type, and this enthusiasm is impressed.

SONICA Push type drink holder

Although the storage space of kei-cars is limited, I think that it is done well enough to not feel such restriction at all.

While sticking to how to open the lid and how to fit during storage, it is wonderful to think seriously about practicality seriously.

SONICA Drink holder2

While installing the cup holder for two people in the instrument panel, we also have two cup holders for the feet.

I do not know if I have the opportunity to use that, but for example it seems like you can use the instrument panel when you drink a separate drink for two people and use your feet when you share a drink with two people.

Most of all, storage is better.

Also, in the back of the cup holder are prepared even pockets where CD cases can be placed, and it is a packaging that was very well though it is a low overall height car.

The general theory that "low-profile cars are narrow and inconvenient" seems not to work for this car.

Daihatsu is a very good manufacturer with a pursuit of space efficiency.

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