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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Instrument panel

SONICA Dashboard design

The instrument panel design has plenty of premium feeling.

The wide center panel, the instrument panel with a sense of wrapping, and the relaxed seat, the atmosphere which was not in the past kei-cars.

The gap between the door trim and the instrument panel is also almost eliminated, and the gray color part of the instrument panel is connected with the gray color part of the door trim, realizing a comfortable wrapping feeling that has never existed.

Even if the total height is low, there is the depth of the instrument panel, and the ceiling has not too much sense of pressure, so it has an impression of stretching out.

It is also the feature of this car that pursues fine quality to fine parts, such as adopting a seamless type dashboard where the air-conditioning louver's knob is plated or seamless at the airbag outlet.

It is the top level luxurious equipment content in kei-cars.

Both seats are standard equipment for air bags.

SONICA Speedometer

Daihatsu which always adopt advanced equipment at the earliest was the self-luminous meter which was the only one late than other manufacturers, but finally it became the first adoption to this "Sonica" at last.

The large three-eyed gauge framed by silver is sporty, very well-visible, plenty of premium feeling.

In addition, it has a multi information display that can switch information such as average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel economy, cruising range, and outside air temperature.

The display of the multi-information display is also large and it is very easy to see, and it is not necessary to worry about gasoline because you can know the range that can be cruised anyhow, the stress of driving is alleviated considerably.

SONICA illumination

What is even more surprising is that the sound of the turn signal is the electronic sound "blip blip".

There is a much more premium feeling than the sound "clack clack". This car is pursuing a sense of premium not only for looks but also for sounds.

Although it can be said that the meter is almost perfect as well, if you want it, Daihatsu cars have a lot of orange illumination, so I thought that I wanted to differentiate further by adopting white illumination etc. in this car I will do.

By the way, "R" will be a normal meter.

SONICA Manufacturer standard car audio

Audio is common to all grades, CD player (CD-R / RW compatible) + 6 in (16 cm) front 2 speakers.

Although it is sound quality as it is as it is as it is as it is, it is possible to upgrade to clear sound with a tweeter, as 6 optional speaker packs are prepared. (After minor change, standard equipped with RS limited)

Since the space of the tweeter is prepared inside the door mirror, it is very good both acoustically and texture.

Anyway, the design of this audio panel is good.

The volume dial is arranged in the center, the operability is also good, the sense of unity with the instrument panel is also perfect and preeminent luxury.

However, external input terminal is not equipped as standard, you need to exchange to external audio.

Perhaps this area may be reviewed with minor changes.

SONICA 7 speed CVT (RS-L)

"RS Limited" adopts a gate type instrument panel shift, and the texture is also high.

The newly developed CVT is equipped with a 7-speed manual mode, and it is one of the few mini vehicles that gives pleasure to shift control and change cars at will though it is automatic.

Compared to "SUBARU R2" which also adopts CVT with 7-speed manual mode, it is located closer to hand, and the atmosphere such as the shape of the shift knob is also sporty.

If you want to get the full performance of this car, you still want the 7-speed manual mode.

The operation panel of the air conditioner is extremely fancy that a liquid crystal panel is provided at the top and a circular switch is arranged at the bottom.

The display contents of the liquid crystal panel are very easy to understand, and since the switches are large and can be operated intuitively, I do not feel stress.

This air conditioner has pollen removal mode, which leads the indoor air to a clean air filter and removes pollen by passing it through it.

The operation is a kind design that pushing the switch automatically ends when a certain time passes.

SONICA CVT Shift gate (R/RS)

This is the instrument panel of "R".

"R" becomes a manual air conditioner, it becomes a dial type switch with no liquid crystal display, so it is slightly inferior compared to the high grade.

Not only appearance problems, the manual air conditioner does not have pollen removal function.

Except for "RS limited", as shown in this picture, it becomes a straight instrument panel shift and the shape of the shift knob is also different, so if you compare it, the premium feeling will be slightly diminished.

However, I think that there are many people who are more accustomed to the operation with the straight type, so it may be better for those who care to actually choose the grade after trying them out.

Although the hazard switch is rather small, it is in a position where it is easy to push, so it will not get lost even if you ride for the first time.

SONICA driving seat

Since car height is not low like "Copen", it will not get tired when getting on and off.

Also, the space between the left and right seats is relaxed and the footrest is also equipped, so that ingenuity to reduce driving stress can be seen everywhere.

I feel that this car is a seriously developed car as a grand tourer that can run with confidence even at long distances.

SONICA Cruise switch

The set speed range of ACC is 27 mph - 67 mph.

However, there is no accident avoidance assist brake system, so you must step on the foot brake in case of emergency.

Next let's check centering around storage and equipment around the instrument panel.

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