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DAIHATSU SONICA test drive review. First tourer concept.


Exterior parts

SONICA Headlight

The headlights are not so elaborate design.

This car has commercialized the concept car "SK Tourer" that was exhibited at the motor show, but it has become quite ordinary design compared to it.

However, if you look closely, the lens of the position lamp above the turn signal is colored in blue, insisting on individuality while understanding.

Discharge head lamp (low beam) is equipped as a standard for the grade of "RS" or higher, but the design of the head light is common to all vehicles, the halogen bulb and the bulb of the discharge lamp are installed in the same reflector It adopts a unique shape that line up with.

Rear combination lamp

The rear combination lamp is quite elaborate.

Although it is rare that it is light in terms of a horizontally long design split into left and right, it is rare, but a brake lamp that protrudes laterally in accordance with the bulging of the side of the body, a small turn signal on its side, a thin back lamp on the side of the tailgate, The red garnish that surrounds and the reflector are other lightly unique designs.

SONICA Side mirror light

The door mirror turn lamp, which has become adopted mostly in recent Daihatsu cars, has been adopted for "Sonica" as well.

Although it becomes standard equipment more than "RS", there is a feeling of premium even in this design.

Although light ones are white and muddy lenses in many cases, this car has a lens clear, with LEDs in three directions, the texture is very high.

If you look only at this picture, you do not think it is of kei-cars, right?

Because the mirror is also large, the visibility is also good.

SONICA Door handle

The door handle has a very luxurious feeling.

The grip type door handle has good operability and most of it is becoming this with ordinary cars, but there is still almost no adoption in kei-cars.

Since the door handle is a part that touches every day, it also affects the texture of the car, so I think that it was a big right answer that adopted an elegant grip type door handle that was painted silver here.

Just in the swollen part of the body, a thick and gripy grip, you can taste the premium feel like a luxury car as if you look only here.

However, the shame is that the design of the key cylinder under it is cheap.

I stuck to the door handle so far, so I wanted to embed the key cylinder also in the door handle part, I would like to try another step.

In addition, this car is the first light and first equipped with all the car standard, so even if you buy a base grade you can do an automatic door lock with no remote control and just turn the knob without holding the key I will.

It seems premium car around here as well.

SONICA Rear wiper

The rear wiper is standard on all models.

The car name emblem also gives a premium feeling by three-dimensional molding.

I think that the slightly larger Daihatsu emblem is a sign of the manufacturer's confidence in this car, but there is a tailgate handle just below it, and there is a rear combination lamp on both sides, it is slightly overcrowded.

It is unavoidable because of the low height, but it may have been cleared up a bit if I had an idea such as Subaru to make the ornament double as a tailgate handle.

SONICA Tire Wheel

The tire size is 165 / 55R15, which is a large size alongside "Milaavi", but it is normal in 2018 kei-cars.

Spending on exchanging will be expensive, but for this car with sports & premium this size will be necessary.

Above "RS" the aluminum wheel of the photograph is equipped as standard, but it seems that this is the design which imaged the turbine fin.

In addition, the tire size of "R" is 155 / 65R14, the wheel cap will become standard equipment.

As well as speaking of "small tourer", the undercarriage is steady, and beyond "RS" in addition to adopting the ventilated disc brake at the front, the 2WD car is equipped with the stabilizer both front and rear.

It is the top level in the mild lighting sense because of this firmly equipped footrest is equipped with a form with low stability and sense of stability.

The goodness of the finish which makes the step and the gap between the tailgate and the bumper inconspicuous, there is also a sense of premium.

SONICA Radar Cruise Control

Radar cruise control is available as an option in "RS Limited".

There was neither ACC nor cruise control in kei-cars, but "Daihatsu Move" adopted the first ACC of kei-cars as option. It was set for Sonica later as well.

The highway in Japan is limited to 62 mph, but it is difficult to keep speed with small engine power kei-cars.

Speedy highway driving is now available. After that the cruise control wearing increased with kei-cars.

Next let's take a closer look at the premium interior.

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