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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Test drive review

Test drive review

Test Drive is RS grade.

First of all, about ride quality.

The suspension of "Standard Mira" is a soft setting. However, "MIRA Custom" is a slightly hardened suspension setting.

I felt that the suspension was set for sports driving.

In addition, since the Anti-roll bar / Stabilizer is attached to the RS grade, the roll is suppressed and the inclination is small, it is good impression, excellent controllability.

However, I think sensitive people are concerned about the push feeling of the rear suspension.

next, about engine power.

The body of the old kei-cars was very light, as 1,322 lb / 600 kg, as crash safety measures were neglected. As a result, even if it only had 63 hp, it was fast enough.

The body weight of the current kei-cars has increased to 1,763 lb / 800 kg, the acceleration performance has gone down.

However, because the performance of the engine and CVT has improved, the feeling is close to the previous acceleration. Of course it also applies to "Mira-costom".

Therefore, it accelerates powerful just as much as you step on the accelerator. Turbo + CVT combination is huge effect, all roads such as short distance, slope road, highway, etc. can drive with less stress.

Power steering feeling is also good because it is light at low speed and heavy at high speed.

Moreover, quietness is high, and 62 mph makes it possible to talk normally. By the way, the engine speed at 62 mph running is 2,800 rpm.

Fuel economy when driving a short distance loses to hybrids and electric cars.

Fuel economy when driving a short distance loses to hybrids and electric cars, However I strongly recommend it if there are many middle distance / long distance movements.

Mira's model change history

Please look from the first Mira until the 6th Mira.

history 1st mira

The first Mira. It began selling in June 1980. 31hp. Another name "Mira Cuore"

history 2nd mira
Second generation Mira. Model change in August 1985. Turbo model started selling.

history 3rd mira
Third generation Mira. Model change in March 1990. 3 cylinder hot hatchback "Avanzato" started selling.

history 4th mira
Fourth generation Mira. Model change in September 1994. 4 cylinder hot hatchback "Avanzato R" released.
Release of the rally model "X4". Version Hello Kitty model started selling.

history 5th mira
The fifth generation Mira. Model change in October 1998. Gearbox CVT is adopted on the way.

history 6th mira
Sixth generation Mira. Model change in December 2002. Luxury model "Mira AVY" started selling.

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