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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Trunk space

trunk room

It is a luggage room with the rear seat lowered to the back.

In case naturally the cargo room is not so wide, but I think that the depth of the floor is slightly longer than "Move".

Since the floor area can be freely changed by sliding the rear seat, the size of the luggage room at the normal time is not a problem at all, but even in this state it seems likely to be able to deal with everyday use enough, so some baggage has increased There is almost no need to slide the occupants to feel cramped.

Collapse the rear seat.

When you defeat the rear seat, you can achieve a vast luggage compartment.

Simply pulling on the lever of the shoulder section can drop the seat at the same time, so the operation is very easy.

There are many cars that make a step with the cargo room when you defeat the rear seat, but with the rear seat slide car of the new "Mira" you can make a completely flat luggage compartment like this.

Also, since it is possible to slide the seat even in this state, it is also a wonderful place to change the capacity of the cargo compartment depending on the position of the front seats, so it is troublesome to slide the front seat by the rear seats for falling down , It will be released from stress such as creating a useless gap between the front seat back and the cargo room.

In addition, under the floor board, luggage under box is equipped.

Not only can it prevent loss of tools and move while running, it can be used as a little hidden storage, or as a place to store dirty objects such as gloves.

Below this there is a spare tire.

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