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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Around the seat

Drivers' seat

Front seat is custom type all bench type.

"Mira" was a prerequisite floor shift up to now, but this time, by adopting the instrument panel shift, it is possible to equip a bench seat, side walkthrough can be done and spacious feeling is increased, convenience and comfort Has been dramatically improved.

Sitting comfort is a feeling to support the body stiff rather than sinking to a certain extent, the length of the seating surface is also sufficient, so long distance driving seems to get not tired easily.

The texture of the sheet fabric is soft, it is a fine atmosphere with two different fabrics used separately.

In the old model, there was a slight sense of oppression with the feeling that the front pillar approached the front, but it improved somewhat in the new model and the sitting position became somewhat higher, so the overall opening feeling increased.

Center armrest

The large front center armrest is equipped as standard on all custom-made cars.

The size is large, and it is pretty splendid as a thing of a light sedan.

The light of Daihatsu was a lot of cars with a low armrest height, but this car has a high position, very comfortable to use.

Unlike "Sonica" and "Move", we do not dare put it in storage, so we are giving top priority to comfort with sufficient cushion and gentle touch, and it can be seen that it is being developed with stickiness to thoroughness and thoroughness.

Of course, you can jump up in case of distraction, and it also fulfills the role of filling up the gap between the sheets when using the full flat seat.

There is also a hook that hooks a plastic bag.

The rear seat is a sliding seat

This rear seat slides back and forth.

In the low roof kei-cars, the slide seat was never adopted.

Daihatsu realizing the user's request is wonderful.

In addition, low-priced "L" is a fixed type rear seat, you can not recline, but the foot area is still nearly the same.

Door panel

The door trim is a very fine atmosphere.

The seams of the parts are also processed very cleanly, and the color of two tones also has a fine atmosphere.

Although the size of the door armrest is standard, it is unique that it inclines somewhat inward, and various measures such as increasing the margin of the shoulder around by changing the thickness of the trim depending on the place I will.

Compared with "Vitz" compact car, it is almost the same.

The material feeling of the trim is also quite good, and the inner door handle is being plated and just putting the cross tension on only the part where the elbow hits, such as by cutting the points, I am doing a good sense of quality well.

In addition, the excitement around the line coming down near the door mirror and the inner door handle was innovative, and I felt that the texture of the door trim was higher than "Sonica".

Even though I am particular about texture, I also have secured space for standard size door pockets and door speakers, I think that they are doing very well.

The switch of the power window also has lighting, evening usability and texture are excellent.

Daihatsu opened the door at right angle

Interior light

The ceiling is bright gray color, and the sense of spaciousness is increasing by the adoption of the rotary retractable assist grip.

Also, since room lamps are located in two places, front and center, convenience at night is good.

Although the vanity mirror is standard equipment in both seats, it is not illuminated, nor is it equipped with a rear personal lamp.

There is a difference between "Move" and Equipment around here.

The map lamp and the room lamp are united and built in the roof.

The map lamp is designed to be able to operate by pushing the lens directly, so the switch is small and it is fine with a very clean impression.

It is probably because this map lamp can substitute for the fact that the vanity mirror does not have lights.

Next let's look at the trunk space.

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