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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Dashboard storage

Pop-up drink holder

Daihatsu car cup holders are very well built.

When not in use, it fits neatly in the instrument panel, and when using it it is set as one push on the upper left of the photo.

The location is just a place where you can keep cold and warm by applying the wind of the air conditioner, and it is excellent in all aspects such as texture, operability and usability.

Daihatsu has adopted this built-in cup holder for a long time, but by improving the operability gradually or by changing the shape and opening speed according to the type of car, that commitment does not compare with any other manufacturer anyway .

Dashboard storage box

The storage on the front passenger's side is a cup holder and a glove box, so the capacity is not so big because of the instrument panel design which emphasizes the area.

Unlike "Sonica", the glove box is not a slow motion open, and there is also a difference between the characters of these two cars.

In addition, since the passenger's seat under tray is equipped over "X", the storage capacity increases slightly.


Center drink holder

At the bottom of the center panel, there is a large lower pocket that can hold the CD etc and a cup holder for 2 people.

Cup holders are also equipped with instrument panels, but if you do not want direct sunlight, for example, use cup holders at your feet and when you get in the way of walkthroughs you can also use different instrument panels such as using instrument panel cup holders I think that it is convenient to have both equipped.

Located on the lower pocket is a power socket, which is not noticeable at this location, so even when using a socket the feeling of the instrument panel is not damaged.

Also, recent cars have become commonplace, but cigar lighter and ashtray are not equipped.

Front seat

This car does not bother the wiper from inside the car at all.

In mini vehicles, there are many cars that Wiper interferes because of space reasons, but recent Daihatsu cars are excellent at that point, the forward visibility is very refreshing.

As an advantage of a mini car, besides the high economy, the ease of driving can be mentioned, but Daihatsu seems to pursue the advantages of both in a thorough manner.

Aiming for a car that anyone can drive with peace of mind by applying sedan type which is originally easy to drive, reverse linking door mirror & rear wiper, and pleasant visibility etc. to reduce driving stress everywhere.

While adopting advanced equipment and upgrading it, we are making efforts to make full use of the original advantages of minicars, which is a wonderful place of Daihatsu.

Next, we will check about the surprising living space with the first equipment of the light sedan.

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