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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Instrument panel

instrument panel

The instrument panel is not a design that emphasized the feeling like being wrapped like "Sonica", it is characterized by thinning it as much as possible, eliminating the feeling of pressure and emphasizing spaciousness.

The interior of the custom system will be black, but it will be thanks to that design that I do not feel heavy.

As for "Mira", it is also a feature of the new model that adopts the first instrument panel shift, because the shift lever is at hand, ease of driving has improved significantly and side walkthrough has become possible.

As the center panel becomes wider, luxury is also up.

The highest grade "RS" is equipped with a leather wrapped steering with a steering switch as standard, and it is very convenient to operate audio and air conditioner without releasing the hand from steering.


Illumination of the steering switch also lights at night, so there is also a sense of quality, and it is safe as you can operate without losing your driving attitude anyway.

As Daihatsu's light is adopted as the 3rd model, other manufacturers do not have this as standard equipment, and it can be said that Daihatsu is outstanding with its advanced capabilities.

Although the airbag is equipped with both seats as standard equipment, this car also has an option to even a side airbag and a curtain airbag that protects to the rear seat, and a knee airbag that protects the driver's knee.

In addition, "Driving Assist Pack" is prepared for "RS", it is a radar cruise control which can follow up while automatically adjusting the distance to the preceding vehicle, VSC which automatically adjusts engine output and brake to prevent sideslip , MOMO leather wrapped steering with steering switch can be equipped additionally.

It is also an advantage of this car that realizing this advanced equipment, it is easy to handle with body size, and maintenance cost is the same as other lights.

It can be said that it is a very attractive car for those who seek balance of economy and safety.

Speedometer and information signal

The meter employs a large and easy-to-see three-eye meter.

Unlike the old type in which the speedometer and the tachometer were in parallel, the visibility was improved dramatically by increasing the speed meter that is frequently checked and placed in the center.

The plating ring is also elegant.

This car boasts of good fuel economy, but it is designed to display instantaneous fuel consumption meters on the liquid crystal display so that you can see and see it with your eyes.

Because instantaneous fuel consumption changes greatly depending on how you step on the accelerator, you will start to care about eco-driving naturally, and you can expect a good effect on the environment and your wallet.

In addition, in the case of "RS" it is equipped with a self-luminous meter to further enhance the texture, as well as a multi-information display that can display up to average fuel efficiency, cruising range, ambient temperature and so on.

Visibility, texture, convenience, etc. are all very excellent meters.

In addition, although the sound of the turn signal is usually an electronic sound even with a car of a meter, the sound is different from the self-emission meter car.

Audio system

I also improved the texture of the audio panel dramatically.

In the past, it was common to upgrade the texture with a woodgraining panel, but recently it seems to be popular to equip the gloss black panel around the audio, and Suzuki's "Cervo" which was released one month ago I also adopt the gloss black panel in the same way.

However, in the case of "Mira" it is gross black + silver mall, and there is more luxury.

A plating molding is also attached to the knob of the air conditioning outlet, and this also gives a casual luxury feeling.

In addition, the design of the audio is also cleaner than the old type, the sense of unity with the instrument panel is perfect, and operability is also very good as the large volume dial is located in the center.

It is a car that sticks thoroughly about the operability, such as the hazard switch is changed to a prominent red stuff and placed in a position where it is easy to push in the center, so even people who got on for the first time can operate smoothly.

Gearbox adopts CVT

Around the shift, I am improving the texture with a silver panel.

In the gear box, "RS" and "X" are CVT and "L" is 4AT.

Unlike "Sonica", shift with a gate type manual mode is not prepared, and it seems that cost is spent on comfort etc etc with the all-wheel straight type rather than equipment for running.

As "RS" silver paint is applied to the shift knob, the texture is even higher.

Unlike "turbo engine only" Sonica ", NA engine is also prepared" Mira "realizes low fuel consumption, it is also characterized by high economic efficiency.

Of course, "RS" of the turbo engine is the same economic as "Sonica".

It will be said that this is a great advantage as it will make fuel economy about 20% better than Suzuki's "Cervo" as a competitor.

However, since "manual mode 4 AT" is adopted for "CERBO", it may be one troublesome when comparing these two cars whether to take economic efficiency or to take pleasure in manual operation.

The air conditioner is a common design for Daihatsu cars recently, features switches with a large dial and a liquid crystal display panel that makes it easy to check the status, both texture and operability are very good.

In the case of "RS", the ON / OFF of the air conditioner and the temperature adjustment can also be done with the steering switch, so the good operability is light and the top can be said.

Above "X", the photo air conditioner is equipped, but in case of "L" it is a dial type manual air conditioner, so careful is necessary as there is a big difference in texture and comfort.

Next is dashboard storage.

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