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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Exterior parts

Discharge head light

The headlight is a considerable design.

The arrangement of the headlamps that became a four-lamp type is not lightly arranged so far in height difference and depth, and I admire how lightly it can do this dynamic design.

The cover photo of the catalog also emphasizes the headlight and you can see that it is designed with considerable attention.

The blinker is small and close to the headlamp, I think whether visibility at night is how, but it is definitely a beautiful and high quality design anyhow.

Matching with a high quality front grille is also good, and it is very unique that the plating molding of the front grill is getting into the headlight part a little.

For low beam, "custom RS" only comes equipped with a discharge head lamp (HID) as standard equipment.

Daihatsu is equipped with HID as a standard grade in most models and is the most advanced manufacturer in that respect.

Tail light

The texture of the rear combination lamp is very high.

Basically, it is a portrait design, but the blinker has four slits in the blackout part and places an orange lamp there.

The lower half is equipped with a round brake lamp and back lamp, and the reflector is installed in the clear cover that covers the periphery.

Even kei-cars, I was impressed that the expensive rear combination lamp was adopted.

Turn lamp built-in side mirror

For the door mirror, only the "RS" turn indicator is built in.

Like other Daihatsu vehicles, the turn lamp is also clear type and the texture is high, and again Daihatsu is outstanding at the height of the texture of the lamps.

For the custom, the option "Advanced operation pack (Reverse interlocking door mirror + push button start)" is prepared.

The reverse interlocking door mirror is a convenient function that makes the mirror surface slightly downward when putting the shift lever into "R", making it easier to check the parking lot line etc. It is unusual to be lightly equipped.

Unlike "Sonic" and "Move", the door handle is not a grip type.

Although the new "Mira" has greatly upgraded the car, it is because it is necessary to make a difference from "Premium kei-car Sonica" and "Flagship Model Move".

Although the key cylinder of the passenger seat was abolished, only the design of the key cylinder of the driver's seat has not been improved.

Design Mall

In the custom system, all the side stone guards become standard equipment, it is very stylish.

Though older models were also equipped with plated malls as standard, in the new model the plating mall is in a lower position, the design is also gentle and gentle and elegant.

Also, the plating mall is not just plating, it is matt plating that made the surface uneven with saying satin plating, so it is an elegant finish without becoming too conspicuous.

Unlike the old model, since the plating mall continues to the rear bumper, the quality of the whole is up.

Roof spoiler

Foil spoiler is not an integrated type of rear combination lamp like the old model, but it became slightly larger with an independent design.

Built-in clear type LED high mount stop lamp, it is a sporty and advanced design that seems to be able to expect aerodynamic performance.

I am happy that it is standard equipment even for the low-priced "L".

Tire Wheel

In the case of "RS", the tire size is 165 / 55R15.

In case of "X" it becomes 155 / 65R14, and in case of "L" it becomes 145 / 80R13.

Aluminum wheels are equipped as standard on "X" or higher grades.

Also like "Sonica", RS grade has ACC option settings.

Smart key system

Let 's take a look at the interior of attention.

For custom systems, the key free system is equipped as standard on all models.

I think that you can see that the position where the ignition key is inserted becomes a knob, but if you carry the electronic card key, you can do not only the door lock but also the engine start without taking out the key.

Since the working area of the engine start is the whole area of the room, even if you change driving and you are sitting in the back seat, for example, you do not have to pass the electronic card key to the driver at all, which is very convenient.

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