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DAIHATSU 7th MIRA-custom, test drive review.


Mira 7th custom. Test drive review.

MIRA is it began selling in 1980.

This 7th Mira-Custom started selling in 2006.

"MIRA" it is the longest kei-cars of history with DAIHATSU. Loved by Japanese people for a long time.

However, as the kei-cars with high ceiling in the car became standard, it is not popular now.

Daihatsu Mira is the former standard kei-cars.

In the past, Daihatsu Mira was standard of the kei-cars.


Specifications United States United Kingdom
Car name MIRA custom
Displacement 0.66Liter 660cc
Engine Type Torbo charger engine
Grade RS
Cylinder 3
Torque 75 lbf-ft 103Nm
At RPM 3,000
Power 63hp ( 47kW )
At RPM 6,000
Gearbox CVT
Drivetrain FWD / AWD
MPG highway (FWD) 54
MPG highway (AWD) 49
Engine Type Natural aspiration engine
Grade L / X
Cylinder 3
Torque 47 lbf-ft 64Nm
At RPM 4,000
Power 57hp ( 42kW )
At RPM 7,200
Gearbox CVT / 5-Speed MT / 4-Speed AT
Drivetrain FWD / AWD
MPG highway (FWD) 59
MPG highway (AWD) 52
Suspension Front MacPherson Strut
Suspension Rear Torsion-beam
Brake type Front Disk
Brake type Rear Drum
Exterior length 133 in 3,395mm
Exterior width 58 in 1,475mm
Exterior height 60 in 1,540mm
Wheelbase 98 in 2,490mm
Kerb weight 1,807-1,918 lb 820-880kg
Wheel size 155/65R14 - 165/55R15

External design

"Mira" which is the representative model of DAIHATSU became a new model.

"Mira" has played its part as a basic sedan for many years, but due to the appearance of low price "Esse" and premium sports "Sonica", the new model fills the gap "Excellent environmental performance and comfort Advanced senior kei-cars " evolve into.

Introduce in detail the new "Mira" which was completely renewed both the platform and the engine using a lot of pictures.

In addition, "Mira" has two types, "regular version" of standard exterior design and "custom" of design with improved design.

This time we will explain "custom".

Mira 7th custom,Front photo

The front mask is very unique.

The wide grille and headlights are integrated and the wide feeling is emphasized, and the powerfulness not found in other light sedans is felt by the raised head lights and the bonnet shapes raised right and left.

The front grill is a clear silver type with a plating molding, and cars sticking to this texture of the front grill with light car are unusual.

The design of the bumper is very simple and the opening is wide, so it is a front mask with a heavy weighty impression.

When standing in front, it is more refined than the old type and has a high quality sense.

MIRA custom 7th, oblique photo

The only thing that is of concern is that the fog lamp has become an option setting. It was disappointing that it was set as an option in the new model although it was standard equipment in the old model.

MIRA custom 7th, oblique photo 2

Viewed from an angle, although it is an orthodox style, it is felt more powerful as the press line on the body side becomes more complicated and the pillar becomes thicker than the old type.

The pillar antenna is standard as for the antenna like the old type, but only the "custom RS" is equipped with a knock-down center roof antenna.

Although the rival Suzuki's "Cervo" employs a center antenna in all cars, there is a feeling that it is still behind compared to that, but there is a possibility that adoption may spread to other grades in the future, and that's a pleasure Right.I am happy with that point.

Also, since the window washer nozzle was changed from the bonnet to the wiper part, the bonnet was clean and the texture was high, and the worry that the traces of the washer liquid remained on the bonnet disappeared.

There is no option setting for aero parts in this car.

The recent Daihatsu car seems to aim at the finished design from the beginning, and it is a stylish style without spending money.

MIRA custom 7th, side photo

The side view seems to be similar to the old model, so it is quite different.

Wheelbase, but as long as "Move", it is the longest, which is longer than the old model, so the sense of stability has increased and the living space has been expanded significantly.

It became a car with a high-quality and sporty impression, with emphasis on complicated press lines and waistline that gets higher towards the rear.

If there is opportunity to compare with the old type, I think that you understand the difference in design well when comparing the height of the rear door handle.

The extension of the wheel base also made the length of the interior longer than that of the old type.

The side view is beautiful is the big feature of "Mira". It is impossible design with box type "Tanto".

Smoke glass has become standard equipment for all custom cars, and the front has also become a glass with UV cut function.

Pillars are blacked out as standard, but in the case of three body color of brown, blue, and black, they are not blacked out.


MIRA custom 7th, Diagonally backward

The impression around the rear changed a lot.

Although it inherits the vertical long rear combination lamp once, the design property is greatly improved, it is a design that I can not think as a light rear view anymore.

The grade of "Mira Custom" is the same line type as the old type "Milaavi" with three kinds of low price grade "L", mass sales grade "X", turbo engine high grade "RS", it is the same lineup, simple and very I think that it is easy to choose.

The body color decreased by one color from the old model and it became all 8 colors, but the astringent color (color of the car of the photograph) called Plum Brown Crystal Mica was newly set, and light shades and light roses and champagne gold changed slightly It has become a new color and has become a line-up of commitment to emphasize high-quality design more.

Daihatsu has adopted a premium coat for "Sonica" and "Miragino", but as far as the catalog is concerned, "Mira" seems to be a normal paint.


Rear view has a big difference from the old type.

It was necessary to take out the key every time opening the backdoor from the outside of the vehicle in the old type, as the backdoor handle was newly established, but in the new model it became possible to open by just operating the door handle.

As a result the key cylinder was also abolished, it looked beautiful.

In addition, it is also contributing to a substantial increase in texture that satin plating stripes are included in the bumper.

There is not only texture but also great news in terms of functionality.

In the new "Mira", all custom-made vehicles are equipped with reverse interlocking rear wipers as standard equipment.

This is very convenient because it does not need to operate the switch every time it rains in the rain when the wiper's switch is on, the rear wiper will automatically move when putting the gear in reverse.

A car that is light and equipped as standard is still rare, and it is one of the features of this car that it is being developed with emphasis on "ease of driving".

In recent lights, there are also aims to enhance the clean image, many cars designed to make the muffler not noticeable, this car will not be equipped with a muffler cutter etc.

Next let's look at the commitment's exterior parts as the center.

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